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If you are looking for a way for your building to save energy and automate itself and create a comfortable environment for staff so that they never wanted to leave



• Building Management (Graphics, schedules, trends, alarms and calendars)
• Energy Management (Energy metering, dashboards, automated reporting)
• Facility Management (Automated utility and afterhours billing, public displays)
Proton is available in four sizes (10, 20, 50 or 100 connected devices) to meet the needs and budgets of most buildings no matter how small.



• Automated live meter display screen creation
• Meter summary status
• Automated meter hierarchy screens
• All meter points automatically logged
• Real time data and reporting
• Full billing / tariff engine for all energy types
• Carbon & financial reporting
• Fully automated alerts and diagnostics
• Detailed energy breakdowns
• Automated energy forecast tool 


Built in capability that does not require additional programming include: Energy Management, Building Control, Facility management.


Add special content to data displays in addition to building systems such as video content, html (web pages), energy reports and more..


The Proton is an innovative software based building controller that combines energy and building management features using an intuitive web interface. The Proton can connect to a companion IOS or Android applications suitable for use with a wide range of mobile devices. This economical software manages up to 100 BACnet , Modbus devices or Meters , and has built-in database, programming & tools.


Trend Logs

Trendlogs in the system can be displayed on the mobile app in trendlogs or as a dashboard widget. Trendlogs are first setup in Optergy and then made available to one or more users


Energy Reports

Energy reports saved in the utility report library can be displayed on the mobile app in reports or as a dashboard widget. Reports are first setup in Optergy and then made available to one or more users.



Alarms are push notifications that will announce audibly on the device if notifications are enabled. Users can view alarm detail, acknowledge and clear alarms from the app directly.


After hours override

Using the Optergy after hours override feature, the mobile app can trigger an after hours override event on the fly in 30 minute increments, or scheduled up to a prescribed number of days in advance. 

Additional programming will be engineered to allow visual and emailed alarms of energy over usage and out of hours use allow maintenance to be proactive on energy saving.

As the Optergy Proton controller is a BACnet device it can seamlessly integrate with any BACnet / Modbus systems picking up critical data such as temperature sensors that can be overlaid on the meter graphics to show actual plant operation. The device also connects direct to the Met-Office and records climate conditions that can also be used to show the degree days.

Degree days are a specialist type of weather data, calculated from readings of outside air temperature. Heating degree days and cooling degree days are used extensively in calculations relating to building energy consumption. With the degree day automatically calculated the Optergy Proton can make understanding the building energy consumption and future energy budgets. Therefore this data can be a powerful tool in understanding weather-related energy consumption. 

If required the Optergy Proton controller can be set to automatically or manually generate invoices and send directly via email as an attachment to site staff or customers.

As the Optergy Proton controller is able to communicate directly to the Trend, Siemens and any other BACnet systems, without the need to modify any BMS software or effect the actual plant operation, points such as space temperature sensors can be monitored and used to generate alarms or give control data information 

Maximum demand register (kW or kVA).
This is the maximum power value, usually the average of 15 minutes, reached during the billing period (this average time may vary depending on the country). Once the value is higher than the contracted power, the customer will pay a penalty on the electricity bill.
The Optergy Proton controller can be used to ensure the maximum demand does not exceed the limit of the contracted power. To archive this goal, the communication between the Optergy monitoring system and the Trend BMS can be engineered to disconnect non critical loads and also avoid connecting loads simultaneously to reduce the instantaneous power.

If the maximum power value can be reduced then electricity standing charges can be reduced. 

There is a flexible scalable licencing options to cater from very small projects to very large enterprise projects. There are NO on-going fees: Licences are purchased on a project by project basis and the one off fees is built into the initial installation costs.  


Download an example of the Proton box installation inot a metered environment.


Optergy is a technology business that solves real world building management problems using innovative technology to create a more productive and healthier environment for people.

Their building and energy management products offers exceptional features and a first class end-user experience. Knight Controls is the partner and distributor of the Optergy Proton solution within the UK.

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